Impact Stories

Solutions We’ve Delivered

The results are real and measurable. Our solutions provide lasting value to our clients. Here is a small selection of our success stories.

  • Replace Excel billing process with Custom Software Solution
    That Excel billing process worked pretty well when you had 25 clients. Now you’ve got 10 times as many clients and it’s a six-week sufferfest. READ MORE
  • Historical Dividend Yields on Portfolio Appraisals
    APX reporting does many things “right out of the box”. One thing it does not do is keep track of historical dividend data. One firm couldn’t take it anymore. READ MORE
  • Setting the Standard in Schedule K-1 Report Delivery
    Going the extra mile to help your client is great for them, but the burden on your team can be sizable. READ MORE
  • Comprehensive and Reproducible AUM Reporting
    APX is designed to provide solutions for the middle of the bell curve. But what if your essential reporting needs, like assets under management, are unique? READ MORE
  • Automated Trade Notification Delivery
    Every firm we talk to has workflow improvements that are low hanging fruit. There are usually two or three high-ROI projects that we can take care of right away. Automating trade notifications is one example. READ MORE