Replace Excel-based Billing Process With A Custom Software Solution

A business outgrows its Excel-based billing solution


To handle a unique set of client billing requirements, this firm created an Excel-based process to calculate investment management fees, print invoices from Word and track receivables in Quickbooks. This process worked well when there were 35 clients. Then the firm started to grow. In short order, all of Excel’s limitations were exposed: it does not scale well, there are no controls on data entry and reporting is nigh impossible.

“AMIS revolutionized the way we do our billing.”


After carefully exploring a variety of alternatives, we determined that a custom software solution was the best long-term investment. To that end, we worked with the client through the requirements and design phases of the project, ensuring that the end product both met their immediate needs, was flexible enough in design to accommodate future requirements, and had a justifiable ROI. The end product, in production since 2008, is a complete revenue management system called AMIS. Click here to learn more about AMIS.


  • –  Massive increase in efficiency
  • –  Significant reduction in errors
  • –  CRM integration
  • –  Professional looking invoices

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