APX SSRS reporting

Take Your Client Reporting to the Next Level

BCS is a one-stop shop for building SSRS-based client reports designed to impress.

Advent has given you the tools.
BCS brings the know-how

Advent has empowered your firm: you have all the tools needed to create powerful SSRS reports, including the database resources, design tools and documentation. But having the tools is only part of the equation. You also need the know-how and the time to use them.

Impactful APX SSRS client reporting requires:

  • Fluent understanding of the RIA business
  • A keen sense of design
  • Deep knowledge of the APX database
  • Advent programming best-practices
  • We understand your business

    A primary advantage to working with BCS is our fundamental knowledge of the investment management business. And not just the technology. Our consultants have worked on the business side. We know what a realized gain is and why clients can be sensitive to them. With this understanding, no time is spent explaining what you do. We get it. Another benefit is we’re often able to anticipate your needs before you can articulate them.

    A keen sense of design

    Your client reports represent your firm, just like your marketing collateral. Shouldn’t it look as good? In a crowded market of sleeve managers and billion dollar mutual fund companies, a sharply designed report is one way to stand out from the crowd.

    Deep knowledge of the APX database

    All reporting starts with the data. And when building APX reports, knowing how to retrieve the right data is is no simple task. BCS’ extensive experience working with the APX database helps us get your reports to market quicker. And if the APX database doesn’t store the data you need, we know how to integrate external data into your reports.

    Advent programming best-practices

    Although Advent has opened up the APX database to its customers, they’ve issued firm guidelines on how the database should be used. Advent’s wide range of documentation is designed to make your reports work now, and for all foreseeable upgrades. Developing SSRS reports using Advent’s best-practice recommendations is critical to maximizing the return on your investment over the long term.

    BCS has done everything from simple conversions of Replang reports to reports using sophisticated integrations with external data and complex customizations of standard APX datasets. We have the experience to take your reporting to the next level.

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    Our expertise in creating client reports translates into exceptional management reporting and business intelligence services.