AMIS: A revenue management solution

A powerful revenue management solution for investment advisors.

AMIS is a full-featured billing solution designed specifically for investment managers. AMIS dramatically reduces the time your team spends on billing and is a powerful source of management reporting for your decision makers.


AMIS encompasses the full revenue cycle of your firm, from managing household information to account value gathering; from fee calculation to invoice generation and email distribution; from tracking receivables to custodian memos. AMIS does it all.

With purpose-built workflows, AMIS guides your billing team through the billing cycle and helps ensure all clients are billed accurately and invoices delivered on a timely basis.

Client invoices feature detailed fee calculation information, including any pro rata calculations and security exclusions. Invoices can be branded with your logo, fonts and your firm’s color scheme.

“AMIS revolutionized the way we do our billing.”

Robust export and import functionality keeps manual data entry to a minimum.

AMIS even integrates with popular CRM systems like APX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Do you have complicated fee structures? If AMIS doesn’t already handle the calculations, our experienced team of developers can implement new calculations.

Do you incur reimbursable expenses? Do clients engage you in special projects? Track and invoice on both of these, automatically.

Game-Changing Management Reporting

A key feature of AMIS is how it turns your billing data into a powerful source of management reporting.

The critical diagnostics for an investment advisor’s business are net flows, assets under management and fees. By integrating data from your portfolio management software, AMIS not only reports on these vital signs, but categorizes the data in any way you choose.

AMIS gives your decision makers and marketing department the information they crave.

Key Features

Robust invoicing engine Comprehensive suite of fee calculation and fee modification methods

Flexible fee calculations Apply different fee calculations to different asset types and/or different securities, or exclude securities individually or by security type

“A billing process that took two-to-three days to get invoices out now takes an hour or two.”

Invoice recipients Set up one or more contacts to receive an invoice via email, portal or snail mail; customize archiving process of invoice PDFs

Custodian debits Readily export fee data for custodian debiting, e.g. Schwab, and import payment information

Track receivables Monitor invoice aging with accounts receivable reporting

Data integration Update AMIS automatically with portfolio data from your investment management system (IMS) and contact data from your CRM

Business intelligence Combine IMS and AMIS data to profile the relationship between fees, AUM and your client relationships

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