Automated Trade Notification Report Delivery

Getting the most out of SSRS; keeping the traders happy


Traders using Advent’s Moxy were manually saving trade notification reports from Moxy and emailing them to the various operations departments. As the number of clients increased, the time required to complete this task became unwieldy. Also, different clients required the trade notification data in different formats: some needed Excel spreadsheets, others as text files.


Use data-driven subscriptions in SQL Server Report Services to automate the generation and distribution of trade reports.

We created a set of database tables to track the custodians and portfolios, recipients and reporting formats. At a time determined by the client, the data-driven SSRS reporting process kicks off, determines which recipients have traded and emails the trade notification report in the appropriate format.


  • –  Increased efficiency
  • –  Reduction in errors — computers don’t forget to send emails
  • –  Happier traders and clients

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