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Gondo: a powerful PDF processing tool

Gondo is designed to simultaneously help firms address several issues:

  • –  Packaging distributions to your clients is often very time consuming and inefficient.
  • –  Your firm’s brand is poorly communicated in your regular client communications and presentations.
  • –  In a competitive marketplace, how can you make your firm’s reports stand out in a crowd?
  • –  When many reports and communications are sent by PDF, how do you ensure the look and feel of these distributions is consistent with your stationery-based distributions?

Gondo as e-Stationery

Use Gondo as a simple replacement for stationery. Print or save your deliverable to a PDF and process it through Gondo. The result is a letter-perfect PDF that you can email or print to a color printer.

Does your firm use two types of stationery — a cover page and a continuation page? No problem. Tell Gondo to use your cover page first, then your continuation page thereafter.

Gondo as a mail merge processor

Portfolio managers regularly send letters to their clients. The content is the same, but each letter is personalized using a mail merge.

If your goal is to brand each letter, then send each PDF to the appropriate client, your typical action is to do each PDF manually.

Say you had a two-page letter to 250 clients. The result is a 500-page PDF. With Gondo you could brand the entire 500-page mail-merged PDF in one go.

Gondo as a PDF collator

You need to send your ADV to all of your clients. You’d like to include a letter to each one.

With Gondo, you create a treatment that takes each letter and automatically appends the ADV. Printing and envelope stuffing is now a snap.


  • –  Dramatically upgrade the look and feel of your client proposals and regular reporting
  • –  Save on stationery costs
  • –  Easily “enforce” consistent branding across multiple outputs
  • –  Collate PDFs with ease
  • –  Standardize your firm’s brand across all users
  • –  Easily apply designer-quality look and feel to any report or client communication

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