Comprehensive and Reproducible Assets Under Management Reporting

Custom AUM reporting, fast, accurate and reproducible

For some financial advisors, assets under management reporting is a simple matter of running a Portfolio Appraisal report on the appropriate group. But in the era of management by sleeves, it’s not necessarily that simple, especially if you’re a large RIA trying to adapt your decade-plus APX database to these new reporting requirements.


As this firm began offering different investment management strategies, AUM reporting became more and more of a challenge, especially given the deadlines imposed by the wealth manager tracking databases. Also, it was often hard to regenerate and validate a reporting period’s data over time.


Create database resources to archive the label and position data for each reporting period. Define the reporting groups and store the definitions in the database. Create SQL queries that generate the AUM group data using the appropriate label values. Lastly, create an SSRS report that gives the marketing team the ability to generate AUM reporting as soon as end-of-period reconciliation has been completed.


  • –  Marketing team able to meet wealth manager database reporting deadlines with ease.
  • –  Archived data makes it easy to reliably reproduce numbers; makes compliance happy.
  • –  Hassle-free data update process for operations group

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