Workflow Improvement and Automation

You know there’s a more efficient way; BCS makes it happen

How many times have you sat in a meeting and discussed how long a certain task takes? The tasks are tedious and repetitive. You know there must be a better way, but you need help.

Every team has them: the dreadful repetitive tasks. These pain points are tedious and time consuming.

Eliminating your pain points takes experience, technical know-how, business empathy, terrific problem solving skills and good judgement.

Workflow Evaluation

Any business process is only as fast as its slowest, least efficient step. The first challenge is to identify the slow step (or steps). This is often relatively easy: employees often have a good feel for what simply takes too long. We work with your team to diagnose in detail which part (or parts) of a process is slowing things down.

Workflow Improvement

There are many ways to make a process more efficient. Sometimes it’s as simple as additional training on resources you already have. Purchasing tools or software is another option. Occasionally a custom developed solution is the only answer. Our approach is to propose several options, where possible, and detail the pros and cons of each. We then help implement the solution you believe works best.

Training & Documentation

It is fundamentally important to both train all involved on any new procedures and to document the changes thoroughly. It doesn’t do any good if the improvements are not institutionalized and carried through over time.