Custom Software Solutions

BCS has a proven record of developing working software solutions

The software products you use are powerful, but no product covers every business scenario.

If you’re looking for custom software development, you’ve probably exhausted your other options. In that case, you need a proven partner to guide you through the process. With BCS, your software projects takes less time because you don’t need to teach us your business or explain your problem. A lot less time. Typically, a needs assessment is 20 to 30 percent of a project’s budget. You can take that off the top with BCS. With twenty years in the finance and investment management business, we’ve seen and solved a lot of business issues.

Our Process

Step 1: Requirements Gathering
The first step in developing a successful software solution is defining your problem in detail. What issue are you trying to solve? What resources do you already have that can help address the issue? We work closely with you in a series of interviews to answer these questions.

Step 2: Design

We take our thoroughly-developed understanding of your business requirements and design a solution in two steps. The first step is to sketch out the solution’s user screens and processes and share this “wireframe” design with you. This ensures we’re both on the same page and offers an opportunity to make early adjustments.

Next, we finalize and document the design in detail with mockups and workflows. The goal is to arrive at a “meeting of the minds” by which we agree on exactly what is to be built.

Step 3: Develop

As we develop the agreed upon design, we deliver parts of the software for testing regularly. We do this not only to show you our progress but, more importantly, to make sure the design is working. Adjustments are often needed along the way, and our process is designed to manage these changes.

Step 4: Testing

Thorough testing is mandatory — it’s how we build confidence that the application can be relied upon. Defects are identified, fixed and verified. By the end of the testing phase we have a solid application that can be installed with confidence.

Step 5: Deploy

Deployment is when it all comes together: hardware and software installation, data migration and user training. We’ve done a lot of work up to this point; this is when all the hard work comes together.

Step 6: Maintenance

Even though the development is complete and the solution installed, the process continues. First, we will be supporting the application. Second, the first version of a software solution is seldom the last. Many important features are left out of the first version, but included in a phase two. More often, good solutions always lead to additional ideas to enhance efficiency further.

Does your firm face a challenge that only seems solvable using a custom software solution? Let’s talk about it. Call us today at 646-808-3103 or contact us to discuss how we might help.