Historical Dividend Yields on Portfolio Appraisals

Taking matters into your own hands canned APX reports can’t provide accurate data


Dividends change over time, of course, but APX will not reflect that on a portfolio appraisal. As far as portfolio appraisals are concerned, a company has always paid whatever the current dividend is. Our client needed accurate yield reporting: their appraisals needed to show the correct yield as of the report date, not as listed in the security master on the day the report was generated.


To report on historical yields, the dividend values can not come from the security master, since it only holds one dividend value at a time. We created a SQL table to store historical dividend values.

“With their APX familiarity, BCS understood the problem immediately.”

We helped populate the table with data provided by the client and created a process to update the historical dividend information using data from the security master — a process the client could maintain themselves. On the reporting side, we created a new report based on the existing Advent-provided SSRS Portfolio Appraisal report and changed it so it used the historical dividend data.


  • –  Correct data on client reports
  • –  Automated dividend value update maintained by client
  • –  Transparent change to client — uses existing Appraisal report

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